Lion goes with lion... I WIN! Help your children build memory skills in a fun, innovative way by matching colorful, realistic photographs. No reading is required, but cards include the name of the picture to promote early site reading. This is a great new photographic twist on a time-honored game. For 2-6 players grade Pre-K and up.

The 10 Game Memory Matching Set includes 10 themed memory games: Animal Memory, Pets Memory, Sea Life Memory, Insects & Bugs Memory, On-The-Farm Memory, Foods Memory, Everyday Objects Memory, Careers Memory, Fruits & Vegetables Memory, and Vehicles Memory.

Instructions for play:
Shuffle the deck of cards. Lay the cards face down in a grid. The first player turns two cards face up. If the two cards match, the player keeps the pair and gets another turn. If they do not match, the cards are turned face down, and it's the next player's turn. Keep playing until all the cards are gone. The player with the most pairs wins. Be sure to remember where the cards are so that you can find them later in the game! Avg Ship time 1-2 days

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