Teach important sight words with 25 short and playful poems! Each poem targets a key Dolch sight word and includes multiple opportunities for children to practice reading that word-helping them boost word recognition, automaticity, and fluency. Created especially for young learners, the poems feature predictable, rhyming text and supportive illustrations. Includes easy lesson routines, reproducible activities, a cloze version of every poem, and more! Children will love having their very own copies for reading the poems again and again!

How to use this product:
Morning Meeting Poetry Minute: As part of the Morning Meeting routine, let a child select a familiar sight word poem to read. Provide a pointer the child can use to guide the class in reading aloud the poem. Remind children that they can suggest a movement (such as toe-tapping) to go along with the poem they choose! Avg Ship time 1-2 days

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