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Build phonemic awareness skills and letter/sound recognition with these ready-to-go sound sorting object kits. The wide variety of irresistible objects will actively engage young students in discriminating among similar sounds, and in connecting those sounds to the letters that represent them. Target sounds are easy to isolate because most of the words contain only one syllable. The included Sound Sorting guidebook shows you how to set up, manage, and assess your sound sorting activities. The comprehensive guide outlines a developmental sequence of sorting activities, from easier rhyming and beginning sound contrasts to more difficult vowel and consonant digraph discriminations. Kits contain everything you need to set up a multitude of activities: Dozens of appealing objects, neatly organized by individual sound, Four two-sided sorting mats that allow students to sort two, three, four, and five groups of objects, Cards with a target sound and illustration for that sound, and Sound Sorting guidebook. Distinguish between 20 initial consonant sounds. Start with easy contrasts and progress to harder ones such as p vs b. Includes 100 objects, 4 sorting mats, labels, and Sound Sorting guidebook.

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