Break apart the blocks and quickly learn how to build up fractions to equal a whole. An engaging introduction to spatial relations. Makes solving division equations with fractions easy. Includes 60 blocks that stack into 10 fraction cubes and a box for storage and travel. Whether you are learning in the classroom or at home, Fraction Frenzy is a visual and hands-on way to understand the basics of fractions. With 60 pieces total, have fun breaking down and creating different fraction blocks with 1/1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6, 1/8, 1/9, 1/10, and 1/12 pieces. Stack one fraction together, or combine different fractions to create a whole. Let's start building! Use the 1/1 or whole block as a point of reference. Each fraction compiles into a 3" x 3" block to make a whole. Stack each fraction in the plastic holder for guidance as you create your whole. For basic learning, have younger children count how many blocks make a whole to figure out the denominator of the fraction. Avg Ship time 1-2 days

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