This extra-large search-and-find jigsaw puzzle for kids offers an extra activity when completed! The 48 sturdy cardboard pieces assemble to reveal a lovely, sun-drenched farm scene filled with happy animals. A visual picture list is printed right on the floor puzzle, encouraging counting games and picture-search activities with no reading required.

Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:

·Ask the child to follow the picture key to find one whale, two octopusses, three sea turtles, and so on. Then encourage even more search-and-find fun with the questions below!
·Point to any sea animal, then find all the other animals and objects in the picture that are the same picture. Then choose another sea animal and color, and start again!
·Point to all the animals with shells. (Suggest other categories, too, such as animals with tails, striped animals, big animals, small animals and so on.)
·Place a string or ruler down the center of the puzzle (near the number 7 in the number line) to divide the picture in two. Try to estimate (guess) which side has the most animals--the left or right.. Count the animals to see if you were right. Then move the marker and try again!

Dimensions: 50"L x 18"W Avg Ship time 1-2 days

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