#58983 KUBeez Modular birch storage cabinet, 1-pack, 1/8” Hardboard Back, Ready to Assemble

Modular make configuring your room or classroom storage needs a snap! The base unit consists of two cubbie spaces that can easily be added onto to make any of a number of configurations. The units can be added onto vertically or horizontally using special bolts and threaded inserts that provide a superior connection and are easily installed. In addition to this flexibility, the units can be used as storage boxes by rotating them and adding on the optional lids. The functionality of shelves and storage boxes can be used in combination in a single combined unit. Easy Assembly.
Constructed of real 11 ply Baltic Birch plywood including the full 5/8” thick back. The faces of our plywood is UV coated to provide a sleek easy to clean surface that locks out moister. Modular are warranteed for material and workmanship for a full ten years. Avg Ship time 2-4 weeks

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