Brain-Based Fitness & Healthy Nutrition. This exciting, multi-purpose CD addresses both the need to provide easily accessible opportunities for necessary exercise, and important nutritional facts to encourage children to understand how to eat properly. For ages 4 to 9.

Guided Movement/Fitness Section
1. Smart Fitness, Smart Foods - warm-up, integrating developmental stages
2. Step It Up - high-energy workout
3. Invite A Vitamin To Dinner - rockin' routine
4. Mission Nutrition - fitness blast-off
5. Veggie Power - whole-body fitness fun!
6. Couch Potato! - repetitive routine
7. Happy To Be Me - cool-down and stretching, with Brain Gym ® movements - at 60 beats per minute
8. It's Been A Really Good Day - cool-down, stress release, with Brain Gym ® Movements

Bonus Section (Nutrition Tips/Active Living): Listening/Creative Movement - with lyrics and melodies!
9. Step It Up - food groups
10. Invite A Vitamin To Dinner - nutritious choices
11. Mission Nutrition - top 10 nutrition tips
12. Veggie Power - whimsical motivator
13. Couch Potato - encouraging active living
14. Happy To Be Me - self-image/responsibility
15. It's Been A Really Good Day - (based on USDA Physical Activity Pyramid)
16. Happy To Be Me - instrumental, at 60 beats per minute
17. It's Been A Really Good Day -instrumental Avg Ship time 1-2 days

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