Stick shapes of cellophane onto contact paper, leaving a little space in between each shape to stick to the window. When you've placed all your shapes, stick the contact paper to the windowpane and let the sunlight shine through, creating a stunning light show that you and your kids are sure to enjoy. Cellophane rolls candles are wonderful projects to make for the holidays. Teach children how different the world can look through rose-colored glasses using your pink cellophane rolls. First cut out the glasses frames from card stock paper, and then fill in the lenses with cello rolls. Tinted glasses are an adorable project that kids will love and help introduce an important lesson on attitude and perspective. Wrap items in cellophane rolls to make attractive gifts. You can wrap small candies or treats in cello rolls for added excitement as well.

Use cellophane rolls to tint things into different colors. This is a great trick around the holidays when you want a specific color scheme. For example, use green cello rolls to cover items for a St. Patrick's Day bash. Wrap around cups to tint clear liquids, around light fixtures for an Irish glow, and over projects, displays and items to create a room filled with colorful holiday cheer. Introduce various levels of light absorption using cellophane rolls for exciting science experiments as well. Shine a light through different colors of cello rolls and observe how the light comes out differently for each color. Start crafting now with this lovely arts and crafts supply.

- Single Color: Blue
- 20in. x 12.5ft. Rolls Avg Ship time 1-2 days

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