#58961 Gaggle® Jamboree 6-Passenger Stroller

The Gaggle®Jamboree 6-Passenger Stroller is the most comfortable, durable, and convenient multi child stroller available, it will easily help transport multiple children on their next adventure around the block or the playground. This multi-child stroller is an essential tool for larger families, nurseries, day cares, and more, offering an effortless transportation method for up to 6 children at once. The all-wheel suspension and parking foot brake ensures you are always in control. Three UV blocking canopies protect children while they ride in the stroller. Fits through most standard doorways making it easy to take in and out of the classroom. Extra large seating and headroom fits children up to 50 lbs. Quickly and easily folds for storage. Drop ships 4 to 8 weeks

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