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The find and hide game of chickens and eggs! Cluck! Cluck! What an "egg-cellent" memory you have! A "My First Game" for your clever little farmer. With constant motion, Peek-A-Doodle Doo engages your child's memory and concentration in a farm fresh way!
Part 1: Cluck! Find the Eggs!
Can you rule the roost? Collect all twelve eggs and return them to the crate. Choose carefully little farmer. Keep an eye on your fellow players and where they are moving their chickens.

Part 2: Cluck, Cluck! Hide the Eggs!
Next, players take turns removing an egg from the egg crate, placing it on an empty nest, and then moving a chicken to cover the egg. Play continues until all 12 eggs are covered by chickens.

Scoring (No fowl play...)
One wrong move could ruffle your feathers...
If a player selects an incorrect chicken, they move their colored egg to the next cracked egg in their scoring nest's cracking egg progression. Too many moves and CRACK! You're out of CLUCK!
The winning player is the one with the most complete eggshell in their scoring nest when all the eggs are covered.
Off you go, little farmers!
Fidgety chickens are wondering who'll rule the roost...

Peek-A-Doodle Doo
A charming and delightful "My First Game" for children
Improve concentration and memory skills
Fast-moving fun; game pieces are in constant motion!
First, use memory to collect all 12 eggs and return them to the crate
Then, use memory to cover all 12 eggs by chickens
Free range chickens feature fun rubbery beaks, combs and tails
Components of silicone rubber, plastic, reinforced printed cardboard
15 Nests, 12 Chickens, 12 White Eggs, 4 Scoring Eggs — Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, 4 Scoring Nests
Fully safety tested
Game Rules Included
Guaranteed fun Avg Ship time 1-2 days

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