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Winner of the 2009 Parents' Choice Gold Award
Named one of the best educational toys by USA Weekend

Solve the Puzzle to Stop the Stampede!

The Story . . . The river is rising and the rapids are raging! Can you help the animals to safety by solving the puzzle? AnimaLogic is a brilliant new puzzle game that will have children working their brain overtime to solve these wonderfully smart safari stumpers!

Lions, hippos, giraffes and camels are all waiting to get to the other side of the river. The animals know they may only cross the river bridge one at a time and they must travel in the proper order to safely arrive at the other side. With sixty puzzles and five levels of difficulty (beginner to advanced), these logic puzzles have players solving the correct sequence to remove the sixteen wooden animals from the game board.

Expect sequencing, color and object recognition, and matching abilities to refine quickly. For logic building - AnimaLogic is progressively more challenging with each puzzle attempt - it's WILDLY effective entertainment! AnimaLogic captures the interest of the whole family.

·Marvelously high quality, educational game
·Captures interest of a wide range of ages and abilities
·Game Contents:
·16 wooden animals in yellow, blue, green and red.
·4 lions—1 each of yellow, blue, green and red
·4 hippos—1 each of yellow, blue, green and red
·4 giraffes—1 each of yellow, blue, green and red
·4 camels—1 each of yellow, blue, green and red
·Durable game board
·Game notebook (includes 60 full color puzzles and solutions) Avg Ship time 1-2 days

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