Hot Dots® High-Frequency Words Card Set
Practice 300+ words from Dolch and Fry word lists!
Featuring 300+ of the most commonly occurring words in the English language, this set gives beginning and struggling readers a solid foundation for reading success. Forty double-sided cards (80 passages) provide practice reading simple stories, jokes, poems, and more. Each passage features four multiple-choice questions focusing on target words. Students use the Hot Dots® pen to respond and receive instant reinforcement and feedback. Perfect for learning centers or anywhere in the classroom, this self-checking system enables students to work independently.
Grades K+/Ages 5+

The nitty-gritty:
· 40 Double-sided, fully illustrated cards (8" x 8") featuring 4 multiple-choice questions on each side—320 questions!
· Provides practice reading 300+ key words
· Perfect for beginning and struggling readers
· For use with Hot Dots® pen, NOT INCLUDED
Avg Ship time 1-2 days

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