Build a utopia and hatch prehistoric critters with Underwater City Triopolis! Triops are 'living fossils' which are identical to their prehistoric kin from millions of years ago. They can survive by suspended animation which helps them stop their biological clock. Children aged 8+ will lay triop eggs in the Hatchery. The Triops will begin to hatch within 2-3 days! The Tripolis provides the ideal opportunity to study the behaviors of a fast-growing creature that hasn't changed in a million years. Kids will be so proud of their new pets and their Triop world! As children conduct experiments, they will learn about Triop behavior, eating habits, movement patterns and more! This kit includes safe, high-quality ingredients and a full-color education and instruction booklet which includes detailed, step-by-step illustrations that are easy for children to understand. Adult supervision is recommended. Avg Ship time 1-2 days

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