A powerful tool to help students represent values that are easily counted using the ten frame model. Learn to count values by making groups of ten and then adding what is left over or decompose values to calculate two or more values quickly. Includes a set of red dice: one numbered 1-6, the other numbered 0 and 5-9. Also includes a set of blue dice: one has numbers 10-60 printed, while the other has numbers 50-100. Set of 6 includes and combination of 4 red and 2 blue dice. These cubes will provide students the hands-on practice they need for the development of number sense, giving them visual representation for what they are learning. The key advantage of the Ten Frame Foam Dot Dice is that students can visually see and quickly count the quantity of dots in a ten frame for any roll. When the students understand that the dots on the ten frame represents a number, add the second red die and roll both dice together. Once the students have an adequate understanding of the red single digit dice, show the blue dice containing groups of full ten frames. Avg Ship time 1-2 days

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