#9256 Set of 5 Cozy Woodland Square Sit Upons

Provide a refuge for comfort and relaxation with the Cozy Woodland 12" Sit Upons. Each set comes with complimentary colors to appeal to all. The Sit-Upons are a perfect size for children 10 months to 4 years old.

Place a few on the floor and sit little ones as young as 10 months old on the cushion. Baby will love the added cozy feeling provided from the foam. Older children can use these during story time, movie time or even a great place to plop on and read a book.

You can stack for easy storage and have a secure carrying handle for little ones to hold and transport. Consider all the fun and creative benefits they will bring your child and their environments while incorporating these Sit-Upons.

Ages: 10 Months - 4 Years

Size: 12" Square x 1" Thick Avg Ship 1 to 3 weeks

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