#8876 Lily Pad Lane

The Childrens Factory

Little ones, ages 6 months through 2 years old, will enjoy strolling and romping through our Lily Pad Lane! Lily pad mat (C) 48" sq. x 1" thick is a restful place to begin the journey, or just stop and count the appliqued Lily Pads and fish. Then take an easy step into the Lily Pad Meadow (B) using the 9" wide cutout walk-thru wall. The Meadow 44.5" x 32" and has a 1" thick appliqued pond and grass colored mat, and two 9" diameter circular peek-a-boo holes in the Meadow walls! Exit the Meadow by climbing up the ramp (light green ramp not included when Meadow is sold separately) to get over the 13.75" high wall to the top of the Lily Pad Hillside Climber (A) 40" x 40" x 10" high) Floor space for unit 40" wide x 11" long as pictured) made of 14 oz nylon reinforced vinyl.
(Mirrors, Fuzzy Loop Story Tree and Sit Upons sold separately.)
Drop ships 4 to 8 weeks

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