Inside this kit you'll mix up 5 different colors of Super Slime with a variety of science based mix-ins. Grow some water absorbing polymers, sprinkle in some glitter or foam balls to mix up your perfect batch of slime. After the slimy playing is done you can dry out your slime into a Super Slime Masterpiece and hang it in the window for everyone to admire.

Package contains 100 mL (3.4 fl oz) Green Slime (Polyvinyl Alcohol), 100mL (3.4 fl oz) Orange Slime (Polyvinyl Alcohol), 100mL (3.4 fl oz) Pink Slime (Polyvinyl Alcohol), 100 mL (3.4 fl oz) Blue Slime (Polyvinyl Alcohol), 120mL (4 fl oz) Slime Activator (Sodium Tetraborate Solution), Plastic Container, 2.5g (0.09 oz) Gold Glitter, 5g (0.17 oz) Garbled Marbles (Cross-linked Polyacrylamide Polymer Gel), and Instructions. Avg Ship time 1-2 days

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