#1122 Jonti-Craft® Dual Tablet Table - Stationary

No more worrying about your expensive tablets getting dropped! You can now keep your tablets secure while children interact and learn with them. This table was designed to help two children sit in an ergonomically correct position while interacting with tablets. It also ensures expensive tablets are kept protected and safe. Cushioned supports protect the tablet from scratches and our tool-less mounting making it easy to install and remove tablets. Identical locks hold the top closed and secure the tablet inside the table. The open section in the center of the table is 6" wide x 40.5" long x 6.5" high and creates handy storage for headphones, stylus pens, and books. To provide comfortable viewing, the center of the screen is positioned 3" shorter than height of the table. The openings are designed for tablets sized 9.5" x 7.31" -such as the iPad2®, iPad3®, and iPad4®. 22-31" High x 42" Wide x 21.5" Deep Avg Ship 3-5 weeks

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