Refund Policy

Factory Select Refund Policy

Refunds will be made under the following circumstances

1. Order is cancelled within 12 hours of order being placed or otherwise is cancelled prior to the commencement of production or shipment.

2. Order is returned in sellable condition following the issuance of a return authorization. Call 800-594-9346 for all return authorization requests. Returns will not be accepted with return authorization.

3. Order or part of order is damaged or defective and a replacement is requested not to be sent. In case of a partial order being effected, the item and a prorated shipping cost will be refunded. All instances of damaged or defected items are to be reported within five days of receipt of product.

4. Customer satisfaction is our goal. Contact us at 800-594-9346 with any requests for refund or partial refund for any other reason than those listed above and we will work to make the order to your satisfaction or use any remedy we deem justified including a partial or full refund.