#44456 KSO-B4-LRM Kids' Station "Lil Rocket Man" Pump Station 18"-23" Surface Mount

Kids' Station Outdoor

Includes adjustable trough and rocket style pump. Pump water from your bucket into the trough, collect the water by unplugging the drain, move water back under pump to resume. Provides hours of fun for children from one to six years of age. Table can be adjusted from 18" to 23" high.

Components are made of specially formulated recycled HDPE plastic based materials that will not rot, crack, peel or splinter. HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) is impervious to insects and bacteria; requires no maintenance; is non-toxic; and is unaffected by severe weather or direct sunlight. The easy to clean surfaces never require painting or sealing and are mold and mildew resistant. Paint, ink, and other substances will not permeate the plastic, which prevents permanent staining. Just clean with any standard cleaner or power wash for a bright crisp look for many years to come! Rust-proof Stainless Steel fasteners are used to insure long life and to maintain a beautiful appearance. The natural colors used on Kids' Station Outdoor products will add to rather than subtract from your natural playground environment's appearance. All fabricated units are Guaranteed for material and workmanship for a full ten years. Additional components such as pumps are subject to the manufacturers warranty. Avg Ship time 5-7 days

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