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ACTÍVA Model N' Mold is fun, easy and allows for sculpting of incredible craft projects!

ACTÍVA Model N' Mold is natural sculpting sand that is easy and fun to use, is waterproof and non-toxic. Model N' Mold allows you to build incredible sand craft projects such as building a castle and also the moat around the castle that can be filled with water! Create exciting landscapes and topographical maps that can be painted, including rivers and lakes that hold water and that can survive being studied and reformed as needed. Model N' Mold is perfect for fast dimensional studies and as an introductory carving material for all arts and craft projects. It is a special sand that is designed for creative use indoors or out, and is perfect for all ages.
Beach Sculputre Sand

Sculpture sand
Non-toxic, safe and certified by ACMI
Waterproof, holds water well Avg Ship time 1-2 days

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